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Hola peeps! Are you on the lookout for the next insane thing? Love skateboarding but want to try something different? Are you a tech savvy geek or a greenie? Well, we have something to get you pumped! Grab one of our UGlide Hoverboard segways for sale in Australia and jump on board NOW.

All the celebs and “youtubers” are losing it over just how awesome this two wheel self-balancing scooter is. It’s an intuitive little dream ride using sweet gyro hardware. AND, it propels you from A to B effortlessly without killing the planet. Have some fun and move with ease with your UGlide hoverboard.

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Are you looking for the best hoverboard / segway around? We have your back! UGlide has loads of Segways to choose from. We have two models with different colours and wheels that aren’t in stock anywhere else in Australia. Don’t be boring and get the standard! *Yawn* Be an individual and get your UGlide to represent you.

To top it off, UGlide is selling you the best quality Australian Hoverboards for your buck. Our segways have passed stringent quality testing and we’ve worked with engineers to tweak our glides to be better than everything else on offer. Who else has gone to that much effort? Seriously? Oh, did we mention that we have sparkies for tech support? Hell yeah!


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No one else has our range – with two awesome models in multiple colours and wheel options. We’re investing our time, money and creativity for more in the future.


Fitted out with premium gyro tech computer senses, a Samsung 36 volt battery and an Australian certified charger, our UGlide is built to last longer than the standard units going around.


We believe you shouldn’t need any help. However, if you do, we have electronic whizzes ready to assist you. Our after care support will exceed expectations.