Our Story

The big Kahunas

We’re John and Andrew. Two big kids at heart, with a dream to make life easy and fun for people! Everyone has a story to tell, but we want to make it clear, that we aren’t just importing the “next fad” to make a quick buck. UGlide means so much more to us than just that. We have gone into extensive research to choose the best on offer and have collaborated and worked with our manufacturer to bring you the best products at great value.

We’re a Sydney electrician (aka sparky) and a fitness product sales guru. Together, we are the big kahunas! Seriously, we want to change the way people live. We’re excited about tech products and self-transport – especially two wheel self-balancing scooters. We are willing to try new things and share what we are passionate about.

We understand how our products function. We have tried and tested many models and pulled apart and looked inside to see how each one was built. We even got an electrical engineer to check our chosen products. We’re all about high quality. We believe in being a reliable supplier of self-transportation devices. We’ve spent time abroad with our tech savvy clever buddies making sure we have only the best products on offer!

We truly want what is best for our customers and you are important to us. We want you to be adventurous, be brave, live life with ease as much as you can and bring joy to you and those around you. With this achieved, we will feel satisfied that we reached our goal.

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Our Values


We strive to improve and be better in everything we do.


We get things done as promised. End of story.


We want to make life free and easy for everyone.


We choose smart products and work with like-minded people.

Quality First

We don’t have the cheapest Hoverboards and we don’t want to be. So what is different our Australian Hoverboards compared to everyone else selling the “same” imported product from overseas?

The best quality

Firstly our Hoverboards are not the same cheap import. We spent a lot of time testing different versions of the same product, because yes, there are differences between all the models. We rode them around for days and weeks and months. We stacked it on the wrong ones and copped some awesome bruises! And we glided with ease on the best ones.

Quality control

As much as we trust our manufacturer abroad, we still have our own people from Australia doing on-site quality checks before our product is shipped out. Yep, it’s all about the quality assurance peeps!


We pulled apart other Hoverboards and looked at how they were built. We’re electricians and understand how components are wired and batteries function. As stated before, we even got an electrical engineer to check out our final chosen products and made them compare it to the rest to make sure we chose the best!

Service with a smile

What really sets us apart is our aftercare service. It’s not just about offering you a warranty. Everyone can do that, ship it back to their manufacturer. Then you’re left waiting for ages until you get your glide back! We have an actual office for you to visit. We can look at your product in the flesh and offer service and repair. That is of course IF you need it! No one can offer you this service but UGlide.


We’ve ensured that our stuff is certified right here in Australia. They meet Australian quality standards. They meet Australian safety standards. We stock our Hoverboards here and offer you an Australian warranty.

Range baby, range!

We’re not just selling you one option, or two or even three! We have different colours and different wheel options and will be continuously extending our range. UGlide allows you to pick a product that screams your name! And in the very near future you’ll have to look out for our “Pimp Your Glide”. Exciting times ahead!